Singapore September 2016 – Part 1

I haven’t written for a while..I haven’t been on holiday for a while so didn’t really have anything to write about. Today I came back to my blog just for a look and a pick me up in the midst of trying to write my dissertation and realised that I haven’t written anything about my trip to Singapore last September.

I guess I didn’t really count this as a holiday of my own because I latched onto my parents’ holiday to Singapore where they were meeting their friends from Australia and going to watch the Formula 1. I decided that I needed a last holiday before embarking on my Masters and wedding planning/saving, so I booked some flights and slept on the sofa of my parents’ Air BnB room!

I was quite nervous actually, I don’t know why. I’ve been getting more anxious and nervous about things in recent years – they say it comes with old age but I’m only 23!! I flew with JetAir, India’s budget airline and knowing it had mixed reviews I was slightly concerned..especially when my confirmation came through and it told me I was getting one meal on each flight (I was changing in Mumbai.) It turns out that I actually got fed way more than that! Though I only got one meal, I was greeted with a drink and snack once cruising, an ice cream after dinner AND a wrap just before decent. 100% would fly with them again: cheap flights and great food! I very rarely eat aeroplane food, normally making myself quite ill whilst I travel on an empty stomach, I had no problem convincing myself to eat on these flights. Singapore first impressions of Singapore were not entirely favourable. Not because it wasn’t a nice place, but, I think, because it wasn’t what I expected at all. I was expecting buzzing, colourful street stalls that I identify with Asia, having travelled in India and the Far East, but instead it was glass skyscrapers, spotless, almost clinically clean. It was without doubt a lovely place with a fantastic view of the bay, just not what I was expecting.

I grew to appreciate Singapore over my short stay: it was a place that not only did I know to be safe, but I felt safe too. We walked out of our Air BnB and up the river, we were very near Clarke’s Quay which was a very buzzy area at night with loud music and bars. It was a lovely atmosphere and didn’t bring the unpleasantness I’ve come to expect walking through these types of areas where I live!

Marina Sands Hotel – Singapore

Walking in the evening/night, I didn’t feel transpires that’s because no one really will commit a crime given their very strict laws. We learned about these from a very loquacious taxi driver who described in detail the penalties for various crimes, including the way criminals are hung in a way to make sure they suffer! This one of the more graphic details he gave us about the crime or lack thereof in Singapore. It was a heavy taxi ride, thankfully we were heading for cocktails anyway because they were much needed!

Whilst in Singapore, we had late starts (maybe 0930-1000) where we headed for some food before our various day trips. I wouldn’t say there was loads to do in Singapore unless you like shopping.

We visited the main sites: the Zoo, Little India, Chinatown and the Botanical Gardens.

The Zoo was fantastic…more like a wildlife park than a zoo that you would think of in the UK. I was a bit uncertain about going to the zoo, as I don’t believe animals should be cooped up purely for the enjoyment of us tourists. In fact it was so spacious as spread out and many of the animals were allowed to roam around at leisure. This sometimes resulted in some of the animals not being found where we expected them, but we found them further along the path! The only animals that really seemed unhappy were the big cats, who were enclosed in glass cases – I understand why they were contained, but it didn’t make it any easier watching the pace up and down blatantly restless. Other than this though, the different animals were spread across a large park and were very interesting to watch. I ran out of memory on my phone taking so many photos!! Definitely, recommend a visit if you’re over in Singapore (even in the rain it was fun!).

Orangutans – Singapore Zoo

I think I’ve rambled enough for one blog post…in the next I’ll talk about the other places we visited and the Formula 1 šŸ˜€


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