Biscuits and back!

Though we had only been away for 3days or so, we had done so much that it felt like so much longer! Our train left in the early afternoon, so we made the most of our morning before heading back to the Eurostar.

We woke relatively early and I took another peak out of the window – the last morning for my view of the Grand Place and street below from my room. It was breathtaking, the light in the morning really complemented the architecture and despite having taken many pictures hanging out  my window over the past few days, I got my camera again because this really was too good to miss.

Morning view from the window

The plan for the morning was to absorb the atmosphere for as long as possible and head back to Maison Dandoy for some biscuits to take home. I’m not big on posh chocolates, so though I was in one of the prime places in the world to buy chocolate, the biscuits were just far more or a draw.  So we headed out to the small shop – the one without the tea room for a bit of a change – just next to the Grand Place. We had a bit of a walk (well, a lot of a walk in circles!) and though I had found the small shop the night before (and have a photo to prove it!) we walked past it 3 times and asked for directions as well as looking at the map before finding it.

When we found it, it was just a little early for it to be open so we walked back into the Grand Place to admire it in the morning light. We walked through an archway in the buildings that we’d sort of ignored previously which had a few shops, what looks like a museum and a sculpture. We didn’t spend long there but it was nice to discover! I’m sure if we’d had the time we could have found loads of similar sorts of things in the area. But as it was the last day we were happy with this one. Maybe a pastime for next time?!

Grand Place

When we went back for the biscuits, we weren’t really sure what the different biscuits were given the language barrier so we just asked for a mixture of all of them. We got a box for my grandparents as that’s where we had left the car in London and stayed the night with them, a box for my parents as we were going straight there when we got back to England…oh and a small bag for ourselves. I swear, we spent a fortune in that place. But, my gosh…so so so worth it. It’s now on my list for anyone who goes to Brussels, so if anyone is going..please bring me back some biscuits from Maison Dandoy!

We started our walk back to the train station and about 25-30mins later we had arrived. Greeted by some quintessentially English artwork on the doors through to security.


Short and sweet.

I have to say, though not necessarily exotic or far away, this has been one my favourite holidays that I can remember. It was a nice city break, with enough to do so that you’re not bored, friendly people, beautiful architecture and a really great travel buddy. I think also, this was the holiday where I realised, you can’t do everything and that the point of a holiday isn’t to see absolutely everything to tick it off the list. The point of a holiday is to explore, yes, but also to relax, enjoy and have fun. It’s probably been one of the most valuable things I’ve learned and it’s taken my long enough!


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