Day 3 in Brussels Part 2: fries, a long long walk and another drink


After our EU Parliament tour and after we’d finished off in the Parlamentarium we really were hungry and went on our way to go to THE place for frites in Brussels. It really was a little hut in the middle of a square that not many people were in. It wasn’t touristy at all, seemed like a place you didn’t just discover by chance, you had to be looking for it: Maison Antoine. The Lonely Planet highlights this as ‘local life’ and it serves chips that are twice fried in beef fat. They were amazing and even in the small order there was enough for dinner and so much more. We also got come bits of fried chicken and they were okay, it really was the chips that were worth it. Definitely need to be eaten hot and when they got a bit cold and soggy they weren’t that great, but then again I don’t think that any chips are!

Maison Antoine

We thought we’d walk back to our hotel that night and go ice-skating in one of the squares. I had promised Adam since we got there that we would go before we went home, but I needed to rest my knees before we did. So the plan was to head back for a short rest and then out for ice-skating and a drink.

Oh, how plans never turn out as you expect! We got severely lost on the way back. We ended up going through the Royal Quarter with the really posh shops, getting lost there and just wondering around really. We asked a couple of people for directions after about 40 minutes of walking and even then we were dubious we were going in the right direction! Everyone was really friendly though and willing to help, whilst probably think who are these idiots?! I like walking at night because I love the lights and the buzzy atmosphere – we definitely made it to the more modern part of the city that is frequented by locals. You probably could have been in any modern, European city and though it was nice, I’m very glad we were staying in the Grand Place area. We finally made it because we walked to the river and looked around us hoping to see the spire lit up in the Grand Place and sure enough we saw it and headed in that direction. We weren’t actually that far away at this point, though I’m pretty sure we had circumnavigated the entire city!

We spotted the Grand Place!

By the time we got back I was absolutely exhausted and definitely needed to rest my legs. I was like, I’ll just have a 40 minute nap and then we can go ice skating. I left Adam with strict instructions to wake me up. About 2 hours later I woke up to Adam reading next to me. I was horrified – I knew that the ice rink shut earlier on a weekday than the weekend and I knew that we’d missed our chance. I was dreading telling Adam, but, bless him, he was like ‘I know, but you just looked so peaceful’*sigh* I give him one job and he doesn’t do it!

Instead we headed out for a walk around to absorb the atmosphere on our last night and went for a drink and ended up back at Delirium. Adam had a tasting board of three new beers and I, again, had my mulled wine.

Delirium – memories of our last holiday

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