Trinidad 3 – a little time to ourselves and lots of photos

Day three in Trinidad was our ‘rest day’ – there were no structures outing or activities during the day and the day was ours. You would think after all the adventures over the past days, I would want to wake up late..have a bit of a relax, maybe even a lie in. Apparently not. Well, I had my reasons – I wanted to go out and explore the real Trinidad and it’s so so hot by midday/the afternoon I wanted to get out early to avoid the heat.

We started out at the market just to have a look at what was around really. My mum asked me to buy her a Che beret so that was all I was really looking for. Most of the stalls were very similar: dominos sets, berets, cotton clothes, dolls and Cuban number plates. Touristy sorts of things, but a nice chance to have a look and speak to some of the locals.

I had spotted the “Photographic Walking Talk” of Trinidad in the Lonely Planet on the flight out and was determined to go. I do love a good photo, but even better the route ventured out of the main square area into the real Trinidad where the locals live.

The REAL Trinidad
The REAL Trinidad

It was a stark contrast, but at least it meant I saw the real country we were in. To be honest, it wasn’t exactly a nice experience, but I’m glad I did it. We spoke to some of the locals and they told us about how they lived – the government didn’t really get round to fixing their dilapidated houses and many lived without electricity so spent the majority of the time in unpleasant heat with no air conditioning.

It was pretty though the view of the countryside, the ability to walk around the beautifully repaired squares. On our way, we saw a lovely quartet of men singing with guitars under a flowering tree. It was all in Spanish, but it was beautiful to just sit and listen to them in the square with the sunshine.

A group of singers in a square, Trinidad
A group of singers in a square, Trinidad

After the tour we were planning on heading back to the Casa and having a nap, but no we ran into one of the there guys in the group on the way back and ended up chatting. We headed for lunch, we weren’t really sure what we were in the mood for so just went walking to find something. We ended up in a tiny little cafe/restaurant with the menu written in chalk on the walk. We had some very cheap but good pizza and a couple of lunchtime cocktails (we were on holiday, so that’s fine, right?!) – I have no idea what the place was called but it’s along the main road with Casa de la Música at the top, right opposite the market.

After that, we really did head back to the Casa for a rest before the evening. We were promised a beach campfire and a beautiful sunset with lots of food and some music. It was nearly there at least. The Casa arranged for us to have a picnic type evening on one of the local beaches, there was a campfire and there was a musician and the sunset was absolutely beautiful. We started with a nice dip in the sea – still warm and refreshing despite us getting there in the evening (I do love the warm waters of Cuba!) The food was a bit of a disappointment (though still good! Just not what we expected/were sold), there wasn’t a fire or anything and it was like a picnic buffet all pre-cooked.

Picnic Food, Trinidad
Picnic Food, Trinidad

It was an enjoyable evening but we definitely paid tourist price for it: 20CUC per person! Make sure you always check the price for definite before you do these things, we checked and got a rough answer which the real price definitely exceeded. I think the best memory of the night was watching a group of about 15 squeeze into a standard sized car. It was actually rather fascinating watching them manoeuvre and arrange themselves so they all fitted in.

I don’t regret go as it really was a really lovely evening that I have so many great memories of and, I just need to mention it again…that sunset was beautiful! And I’ve put in another photo for good measure 😀

Beach Sunset, Trinidad
Beach Sunset, Trinidad

Looking back writing this blog, I actually really enjoyed Trinidad, just thought that I didn’t. I think it was just that the place was built up so much that I expected great things and something really different. In the end I really did get great memories and photos from Trinidad, just took me this long to realise!


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