Trinidad 2 – waterfall, beach & relax

This was a fantastic day in Trinidad – we walked through the jungle/rainforest area for a couple of hours or so in search of a waterfall. I was a bit unsure about this, given that I have dodgy knees (to say the least) and they don’t generally cope too well with walking mixed with uneven ground. BUT, when else was I going to get to go to a waterfall in Cuba?

It was a semi early start, though that wasn’t unlike most mornings and after yet another breakfast of bread, fruit and eggs we were going off on an adventure! It was a pretty nice drop off point, though when we stepped out the bus it was obviously a popular tourist route. Luckily it was still pretty quiet!

It was a really nice walk, actually – it was nice to get bits of knowledge and information about some of the native plants and birds. We walked passed this huge rock which was covered in wasp hives..we had to be really quiet so as not to anger them. It actually took a while to spot them, just because there were so many of them!

It was a lovely waterfall when we got there – it already had another group there but it wasn’t too crowded. It was a really nice atmosphere and it was just as it was getting pretty warm so the water looked really inviting. Looked being the key word was FREEZING! It took me about 5/10mins to actually fully get in the water!


Underneath the actual waterfall was a creepy looking cave you could swim into – inside were hundreds of small bats. It reminded me of a less sincere Batman cave, to be really honest. It was lovely in there, sadly as I don’t have a waterproof camera I didn’t get any pictures. 😦

On the way back we stopped off at a small house where an older man lived. It was a simple wooden house, covered in flowers – it was lovely. He made us a drink – mixture of lemon and honey (as far as I could tell) and the option of sugar. It was somewhat of a relief that it didn’t contain rum given all the alcohol we’d been having. It was a drink that was meant to cleanse and keep you healthy – whether it did that or not, who knows! But it tasted good and it was a nice rest stop on the way back.

After the walk, we headed to the beach for lunch and a few hours rest. It was lovely..lunch was typically overpriced for a tourist beach area and took ages to get to us, but it tasted good. After a few active days and always being on the move, it was nice to have some time to just relax. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be busy..but I was exhausted and it was a much appreciated afternoon on the beach. The sea was beautifully warm and refreshing and it was a nice atmosphere, a mixture of tourists and locals.

Beach afternoon in Trinidad
Beach afternoon in Trinidad

Inevitably, the clouds came over and we headed back to the Casa around 5pm as it started to cool. We all made it back on to the bus just in time! The rain came, just as we all piled on to the bus – talk about good timing!! But the time we got back to our room, there was just enough time for a shower and we were ready to head out for dinner.

When we arrived I was shocked this place was not in the Lonely Planet, the guide got another one up on me! But, in the defence of my guide was written before the place opened. It was a lovely restaurant called San Jose – the food was good, the drinks were good and the atmosphere was good. All in all a good night. If this isn’t in the next edition of the Lonely Planet, I don’t know what’s happened to them!

We finished off the evening by heading back to Casa de la Música, though this night had a very different atmosphere to the night before. It was still good, but nothing compared to what it was before. Tonight the band on requested it was paid entry, though only 1CUC it meant that it wasn’t as crowded and the mix of locals and tourist was less prominent. The music was good, but rather than Cuban/Salsa music that we had come to expect and love it was more African/tribal. It was a nice change from hearing various renditions of Buena Vista Social Club and Bailando though!


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